Disease of gums, or periodontitis, a chronic inflammation and infection of gums and tissue around of a tooth are principal causes of teeth losses in 70 % of adult patients at different stages of a life.
Dentists of our clinic do not only treat your gum problems, but also teach you how to prevent the inflammation of your gums. Plaque is the major cause of dental disease and tooth loss. It is a sticky, colorless of bacterial film which is constantly forming on the surface of your teeth. The 1mm of the plaque contains about 300 million bacteria. If the dental plaque is not removed by daily teeth brushing, it hardens and forms dental calculus (tartar).

Bacterial plaque produce acids and toxins which will irritate your gum, causes its inflammation, and damages periodontal tissues that support your a teeth. As a result periodontal pockets are created. The presence of pockets leads to bone destruction and eventually loss of a tooth. Initial symptoms of periodontal disease are reddening, swelling or the high sensitivity of gums, bleeding during teeth brushing, and a bad breath. Later symptoms are recessing gum tissue from teeth, mobility of teeth, formation of spaces between a tooth and a gum, and disposition of teeth, and missing of teeth.

Initial stages treatments include cleaning (scaling) and root planing of teeth. In most cases such treatment in a combination with excellent care of teeth is sufficient for achievement of a good result.


More serious cases require surgical procedures such as flap operations or deep curettage which allow more carefully removal of dental calculus located in deep pockets, restoration of damaged contour of a bone, and further healing. Daily tooth brushing and using a dental floss, regular visit to dental clinic for routine check up and professional scaling (cleaning of a dental plaque and calculus) can result in freedom from most of dental diseases and in maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime.

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