Tooth decay with its complications is one of the most frequent diseases of oral cavity. Our dentists are here to help you. We use contemporary restorative composite (resin) materials and apply the newest methods of tooth restoration for treatment of tooth cavity. Properties of these materials, such as durability and esthetic are suitable to desires and requirements of patients.

It is possible to use composite materials both on anterior and on posterior teeth. However it is necessary to remember, that at presence of greater defects of a tooth we cannot restore a tooth reliably even with composite materials of the most recent generation. In such cases inlay, onlay or crown is effective for your tooth restoration. If tooth decay has extended more deeply to the pulp, it is necessary to do root canal (endodontic) treatment. Root canal (endodontic) treatment usually requires from one up to four visits. During the first visit dentist removes of the infected pulp under anesthesia, determines working length of canals using the X-ray. At following visits dentist cleans and shapes root canal using special instruments and disinfectant solutions for removal of all bacteria. Then dentist fills root canals with gutta-percha. After canal filling if the tooth is strongly destroyed, it is recommended to restore the tooth with pins or a post and then to cover it with a crown.

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