Missing teeth affect your smile and hinder your biting function. We offer various prosthodontic treatments for your missing teeth in order to solve this problem.

Why do we need crowns or bridges? We need them in order to restore the tooth form to its original form and size. A crown is necessary, when the tooth is widely destroyed and it is impossible to be restored with filling materials, after root canal (endo) treatment, using for abutments or bridges, for restoration of broken teeth, for coverage of a tooth with ugly form, and teeth which have changed color. Our clinic offers restoration of various kinds crowns, such as all metal casting crown and porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM). Advantages of this crown are functionality, a durability and esthetic.

We make bridges for restoration of missing teeth. Such bridges are fixed by cementing to abutment teeth on each side that allow creating reliable, strong and functional restorations. To make a crown or a bridge we prepare a tooth; reduce its height and volume in order to put crown on it. After taking impression from the prepared tooth, impression is sent to dental technicians in our dental laboratory where crowns and bridges will be made. While we make permanent crowns, we prepare temporary crowns on the prepared teeth in order to protect your teeth from irritants. You can use temporary crowns for chewing food and for cosmetic reasons. On the following visit temporary crowns will be taken off and it will be replaced by permanent crowns. In all these processes the fitness of crown margin is crucial for the success of the restoration. That is why you need good specialists whom you can rely on.

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