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Orthodontics is one of the fastest growing areas in dentistry. The position of teeth can be corrected at any age. Through knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence, our experts will help you with this, using effective methods for straightening your teeth.

In the first phase, our specialists diagnose the pathology of occlusion using cephalometric analysis for drawing up an individual treatment plan that will allow you to have beautiful teeth and correct bite. After all, the correct diagnosis is the crucial key to successful treatment.

We offer patients a wide variety of treatment options, including involving straightening teeth without braces by using removable devices and records. However, today braces remain the most effective treatment of malocclusion. We also offer esthetic braces – e.g. porcelain or resin braces instead of metal ones.

Bracket system is suitable for both adults and children. They look as enshrined “locks” on the teeth, special fixed structures. The system includes: different kinds of springs, resin ligatures, arch wires that allow optimal adjustment arrangement of teeth. Throughout the period of wearing the system orthodontist conducts periodic recalls, which allow you to monitor the progress of treatment and prompt correction.

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Ruskulova st, 10
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